Worldschool is thrilled to be partnering with Williamsburg Academy for this once in a lifetime expedition.

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Sept 15th – 30th 2017

10 Day Trek to Base Camp

3 Day Humanitarian Trip to Kumari



$500 .00 Deposit


(not including flights)


Worldschoolers, homeschoolers, Williamsburgers, adventurers and their families.

Ages 14 and up welcome. (12 and up with parent)


Medical supplies to Clinic

Days For Girls

Computer Lab

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Expedition Leaders

Greg Denning

Greg Denning is a personal, social, and humanitarian leadership mentor.  He has been working with youth for the last 17 years on 5 different continents.  He grew up in a broken home and ended up out on his own at 16.  He studied voraciously to learn the principles and practices of those who live purposeful, meaningful, happy lives.

Greg was determined to find the keys to success, build an epic life and then help others do the same.  He and his wife Rachel now have 7 children and have been traveling and living abroad with their family for the last decade. They are passionate about family, education and adventure!  They are currently living and exploring in Europe.

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Jagat Lama

We first met Jagat when he and his team led a film crew to base camp years ago. Since then we have been back several times, watched him get the funds and organize the building of a school and clinic in his village.  Learn more about Jagat in the video below. (The documentary mentioned in the video has been filmed and the clinic opened.) We will be helping to bring more medical supplies to the clinic and set up a computer lab.

There was extensive damage that was done to the clinic during the earthquake. It has been repaired and we will be helping to make more improvements.

Become a certified Ambassador of Women’s health for Days for Girls

Join us as we teach and distribute feminine hygiene kits in Kumari and make a real impact on the lives of village women and girls.

To participate in this part, please take the online class before the trip.

Leadership Experience

Leadership Principles:

This trip is all about leadership–self leadership, social leadership and humanitarian leadership.

Each day we will have morning and evening devotionals with powerful discussions, journal writing and selected readings.  We will also have a daily theme to consider and discuss as we travel or hike.

We will learn about doing hard things, pushing past our limitations and developing self mastery.  Each individual will experience first hand the power and importance of working as team, getting along with other people, connecting with those from different cultures, customs and backgrounds.

We will experience the ‘culture shock’ and ‘reality check’ of deeply immersing ourselves in another world.  The precious opportunity to love another person in spite of nationalities, languages and living conditions will be ours!  We will learn about selfless service, and the most effective ways to help others help themselves.

In short, we will face our fears and weaknesses, build lifelong friendships, learn to love like we’ve rarely done before, consider our life purpose and mission, and become better leaders.